Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Terror of Garsdoon Moor.

They went out on the moor alright
The sky was clear the stars were bright,
The cart track shone like ribbons white
That ziged and zaged into the night.
Across the Garsdoon moor.

Good progress they did make alright
She, dressed in wedding gown of white,
Who held the carriage side so tight
That lurched and rattled through the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

He was young and brave alright
With gun and sabre for the fight,
To guard his love, his hearts delight
From highwaymen that stalk the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

But now the scene will change alright
Thunder roars with lightning bright,
Strange sounds are heard from left and right
Tormented souls that own the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

The young groom is afraid alright
He holds his gun and sabre tight,
The bride like gown is palest white
As wails and moans are at their height,
Across the Garsdoon moor.

Now dawn it will arrive alright
And they will search the moor till night,
Of coach and riders there’s no sight
Back home lock doors and windows tight.
Across the haunted Garsdoon moor.

The local folks they know alright
That ghouls and spectors walk the night,
Transporting souls to hell for spite
Tormenting them for their delight.
On fearful Garsdoon moor.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2010.
From my book, Love is a Dreamer. 

A New Position

On a plain of inspiration
Somewhere high above the sea,
Together on a flight of fancy
She was holding on to me.
We were riding on a thermal
Soaring high above the ground,
We assumed a new position
And she never made a sound.

Now we're on a roller coaster
Undulating through the sky,
She just turned to smile at me
And I'm getting pretty high.
I was just about to tell her
When that look came in her eye,
We assumed a new position
And all I could do was sigh.

We were riding on a cable car
From Aussois to Corbier,
When the emerald of a glacier
Was reflected from her hair.
Now my face was lit with wonder
She was going to ask me why,
We assumed a new position
And the moment tip toed by.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Where Shall we Run?

Where shall we run
On halcyon days,
Down to the shore
In wafture sprays
Around the cliff
Where herons fly,
Across the fields
Through gilded rye.

Where shall we walk
As flowers fade,
In autumn woods
Gold leaves cascade.
Along the stream
Meandering slow,
Across the hills
Before the snow.

Where shall we hide
From winter ways,
The goose flies south
Red robin stays,
The frigid glass
Drips frozen rain,
Ice paints the webs
Along the lane.

Where shall we look
To find the spring,
Where apple boughs
Are blossoming.
In flower beds
The tulips glow,
And natures fecund
Blessings show.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I Remember Well

The ocean waves were cold that day
You tip toed near then ran away,
Giggled like a child at play
Dancing through the sunlit spray.
I felt my heart just slip away
Yes, I remember well.

We walked beneath the cloudless sky
Then raced a sail boat drifting by,
You stood and watched a heron fly
But turned with moisture in your eye
And asked, “Why do we have to die?”
Yes, I remember well.

I’m sure it started on that day
You turned inside, just hid away,
No longer does that child play
No dancing in the summer spray.
And I will never hear you say
“Yes, I remember well.”

 Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2010.
From, “Love is a Dreamer”

Monday, 8 August 2011

Would You?

Would you stand before God
With your sword unsheathed
And spit in the eye of the storm.
Would you fight to the death
For the things you believed
Forgetting your body was torn.
Would you fly to the stars
Riding Arian's spear,
Pushing the boundaries
Of natural fear.
Risking damnation
For dreams you hold dear.
Would you?

Would you ride into hell
On the Sleipnir steed
And call for the devil to dance.
Would you stand all alone
Gainst the wrath of the world
Certain they hadn't a chance.
Would you get up and shout
For how it should be,
That all of the world
Could be fed and be free.
Cursing our leaders
Damn hypocrisy.
Would you?

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.
From, “The Echo of Heartbeats” . 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shooting Star

Did you ever see a shooting star
Falling through a winter night,
And wonder why it came so far
To lend the earth a little light.

Did you ever see the Eagles fly
Above a rocky mountain peak,
And wonder why they soar so high
When plains have easy prey to seek.

Did you ever see the dolphin leap
Across the waves in silver spray,
And wonder why they didn't keep
To swimming calmly all the day.

The shooting star is just as bright
As suns within the cosmic plan.
And eagles glide on thermals high
Not as they must but as they can.
Dolphins jump across the swell
Because they love the silver spray.
And cynics miss the best in life 
By not embracing every day.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert 2011.

Universal Secret

Have you felt when all is quiet
Some vibration in the air,
Just as if some cosmic hand
Had run a finger through your hair.
This is not imagination
Not that easy to explain,
A pulse of pure energy
Replenishing all life again.

All the matter in the cosmos
Seems to move in perfect time,
And the gravity of planets
Has a balance that's sublime.
One of them has air that's acid
Another frozen to the core,
Yet our earth is sweet and giving
Does this fill your mind with awe?

Men of science and religion
Argue how this came to be,
They can squabble, in the end
It doesn't mean that much to me.
I believe that there are secrets
Never shown to anyone,
And to seek is like a fool who's
Throwing snowballs at the sun.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

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