Thursday, 2 December 2010

Make me a Butterfly

Make me a butterfly with gossamer wings
Most perfect in form among all living things,
Id fly round your garden in wind and in rain
Hoping that one day youd love me again.

Make me a butterfly, whiter than snow
And I would fly near you wherever you go,
Perhaps all my dancing would please, and thered be
Just one word of kindness from your lips for me. . 

Make me a butterfly as blue as the sky
Id fly round the world with a tear in my eye,
And when people asked you why Im so blue
Youd have to reply its because I love you.

Make me a butterfly yellow as sand
Id fly to your table a sit on your hand,
Perhaps you would kiss me, and then you would see
That you could be happy with someone like me.

Make me a Butterfly, red as the blood
That surges through veins of all creatures in love,
Is the fate of all butterflies of every hue
To fall for a heart breaking mayfly like you? 

ÓAlan Gilbert.  2009.

The Terror of Garsdoon Moor.

They went out on the moor alright
The sky was clear the stars were bright,
The cart track shone like ribbons white
That ziged and zaged into the night.
Across the Garsdoon moor.

Good progress they did make alright
She, dressed in wedding gown of white,
Who held the carriage side so tight
That lurched and rattled through the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

He was young and brave alright
With gun and sabre for the fight,
To guard his love, his hearts delight
From highwaymen that stalk the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

But now the scene will change alright
Thunder roars with lightning bright,
Strange sounds are heard from left and right
Tormented souls that own the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

The young groom is afraid alright
He holds his gun and sabre tight,
The bride like gown is palest white
As wails and moans are at their height,
Across the Garsdoon moor.

Now dawn it will arrive alright
And they will search the moor till night,
Of coach and riders there’s no sight
Back home lock doors and windows tight.
Across the haunted Garsdoon moor.

The local folks they know alright
That ghouls and spectors walk the night,
Transporting souls to hell for spite
Tormenting them for their delight.
On fearful Garsdoon moor.

Copyright ©Alan Gilbert.  2010.

Me and you and Kerrie Ann

We sailed out on that summer’s day
Just me you and Kerrie Ann,
Out to the islands in the bay
To where we knew the dolphins ran.

And as the wind blew from the west
For me and you and Kerrie Ann,
It gave each wave a silver crest
And billowed sails with natures fan.

We stopped and anchored out at sea
Did me and you and Kerrie Ann,
The day was peaceful as could be
Most tranquil backdrop for our plan.

But as we watched the dolphins play
For me and you and Kerrie Ann,
We never saw the sky turn grey
Or noticed how those currents ran.

You never made the slightest sound
Just slipped from me and Kerrie Ann,
And now you never will be found
Out in the bay where dolphins ran.

Now every summer’s day I sit
Down by the quay with Kerrie Ann,
Though all her timbers rot and pit
And all her sails are torn and wan.

Copyright  Alan Gilbert 2010.


I watch the silver streaks across the sky
The vapour trails that show where speedbirds fly,
Then my heart is travelling once again
To Massachusetts Florida and Maine.

They soar above the clouds in graceful flight
Where dazzling sunlight paints their colours bright,
And stride across the oceans shore to shore
So distance doesn’t matter anymore.

As I watch them racing on their way
I wonder how much longer till the day,
When I strain my eager eyes to see
The speedbird that is bringing you to me.  

Copyright © Alan Gilbert 2010.

Recurring Love

Was it you that day in Memphis
Dressed in robes of deep azure,
When Cleopatra’s gilded barge
Came dipping by the Nil’s shore.
Did you see the pharaoh seated
In shade from Ra’s unyielding eye,
Proudly wearing Caesar’s token
Broach of lapis lazuli.

Were we there that day in Calais
Standing close near Henry’s side,
Did he choose to smile upon us
And give you leave to be my bride.
Did we stand, two lovers dreaming
As they spread that cloth of gold,
Was the joy of our betrothal then
In minstrel stories told.

As I lay near death from gunshot
Roar of mortars  everywhere
Did I awake with you beside me
Watching from the nurse’s chair.
When the killing fields fell silent
Doves of peace again were free,
I left home to come and find you
Waiting in the rain for me.

Then has our story been repeating
Down through all the countless years,
Have we met yet not remembered
Where the course of kismet steers.
Are we forever bound together
Partners in the cosmic scheme,
Will every meeting still surprise us
Living each recurring dream.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert 2010.

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