Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ways She is

As child, she comes with impish grin
And teases me at start of day,
Then reaching, takes me by the hand
Urging me to come and play.
To run through fields on summer days
Or chase the butterflies that dance,
Then search for fairies in the wood
Who shy away from human glance.

As girl, she comes at night to me
With flashing eyes and winning smile,
Then coyly turns to me and asks
If I will stay with her a while.
At times she takes me to her room
And shows me pictures of her dreams,
Moons and stars from mystic worlds
That shine in vivid reds and greens.

As woman, ever close to me
Tells me she will always stay,
Knows the words I love to hear
And sings them to me every day.
She reads me verses from her heart
That speak of things a poet should,
And every day she teaches things
I knew, but never understood.

Copyright©Alan Gilbert 2011.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

How wonderful the night

How wonderful the night
When long felt passions meet,
The touch of silk on silk
Caressing hands and feet.

The thrill of clouded eyes
Anticipation of each touch,
Shared sensual ecstasy
Was never felt so much.

How will the pleasure fall?
From hands or lips or ice,
How pleasing to the heart
To practice such a vice.

Will you Come with me my Love

Will you come with me my love?
And wander under upland skies,
We'll wake to see the northern lights
A blazing show of cosmic dyes.
Then ride a silver cable car
That carries us beneath the stars,
Above the pine oil scented trees
And feel that all the world is ours.

Will you come with me my love?
We'll walk along the Nile's shore,
In footprints that the Pharaohs made
Cleopatra, Ptolemy, Ankhor
We'll marvel at the ancient tombs
At Giza, Khafu, great Cheops,
Immerse ourselves within a world
Where myth and magic never stops.

Will you come with me my love?
To leafy palm and blue lagoon
Where whispered lullaby's of waves
Bring sleep, and serenade the moon.
We'll find once more a quiet life
Among the creatures and the land,
As souls renew and spirits feel
The daily brush of nature’s hand.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Whisperers

Suddenly I’m running
As the path got steeper,
Pushed along by gravity
I find I can’t oppose.
My hands and face are being torn
By nettle, thorn and creeper,
And darkness hangs upon me
like a suit of cold wet clothes.

Then I’m thrown into a clearing
Where no living thing would venture,
All around me flesh is rotting
And I’m sickened by the smell.
Then somewhere in the distance
Comes the sound of rolling thunder,
While nearby voices whisper
Saying what, I cannot tell.

Now I’m lying in this putrid place
In terror that consumes me,
My heart is like a hammer
On an anvil deep inside.
The thunders rolling nearer
With It’s flashes of fork lightning,
And the voices are still whispering
Saying what, I can’t decide.

Now the ground begins to tremble
With a roar to match the thunder,
And the lightning strikes come faster
As the storm is overhead.
Then I feel that I am soaking
For the rain has started falling,
All at once I wake up sweating
Once more conscious in my bed.

Copyright©Alan Gilbert 2011.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chase me

Chase me with the winds that cross the seas
Seek me in the breeze that stirs the trees,
Fly with me in thermals that ascend
Find me in the stars that never end.

Run with me through sands where seabirds fly
Walk with me where mountains touch the sky,
Stroll with me through meadows lush and green
Dance with me where moonlight paints the scene.

Come to me when eyes are closed in sleep
Stay with me, our midnight vigil keep,
Turn to me and hold your body near
Speak to me sweet words I long to hear.

Join with me in love that’s always new
Sing the song we chose for me and you,
Move with me now passions overflow
Whisper all those secrets that we know.

Alan Gilbert. 2010.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Duet for Love.

There is a headland that I know
She’s here again and whispers low
That falls to foaming surf below.
Yes my love I know, I know.
Where Herons swoop and dolphins play
Oh my love, how true, how true
And sunbeams dance on ocean spray.
And I in turn will dream of you.

As I gaze across the sea
Oh yes my love I know we will
The voice of ages calls to me.
And I that time remember still.
Of answers I will never know
Yet they will fly until we meet
As countless eons come and go.
And that will make our love complete.

Copyright©Alan Gilbert 2010.

Monday, 18 April 2011

the Echo of Heartbeats

The launch of my new book, "The Echo of Heartbeats" is due within the next two weeks. Initially it will be available in paperback and as a PDF download the ebook version is being processed and will be available soon. I will let you know as soon as the exact launch date is decided.

Welcome to my poetry blog.

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