Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ways She is

As child, she comes with impish grin
And teases me at start of day,
Then reaching, takes me by the hand
Urging me to come and play.
To run through fields on summer days
Or chase the butterflies that dance,
Then search for fairies in the wood
Who shy away from human glance.

As girl, she comes at night to me
With flashing eyes and winning smile,
Then coyly turns to me and asks
If I will stay with her a while.
At times she takes me to her room
And shows me pictures of her dreams,
Moons and stars from mystic worlds
That shine in vivid reds and greens.

As woman, ever close to me
Tells me she will always stay,
Knows the words I love to hear
And sings them to me every day.
She reads me verses from her heart
That speak of things a poet should,
And every day she teaches things
I knew, but never understood.

Copyright©Alan Gilbert 2011.


  1. I love this one. I love the girl best because of the dreaminess. This could be a poem about a lover, daughter, sister, muse... I'm curious. xx

  2. Kristina, I had in mind a woman, a lover who has retained a child like quality, a rare and endearing mix of worldliness and innocence. a dreamer of dreams that color her life. So glad you liked it my dear friend. XX


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