Friday, 22 July 2011


Welcome to the future
Hope the digi age will suitcha,
If you don't fit in don't worry
We will shut you down, rebootcha,
Load a Java operation
It's a wayward thought negation
It will make you more content,
And even cures constipation.

You will be wired, uninspired
Defragmented, not desired,
All your fantasies deleted
Every human trait retired.
We've a multi tasking sub routine
That's overwriting all you've been,
No cause for you to worry
We're elite and you're the slurry.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Softly With the Night

She does not come
At dawns appointed time,
When skies are pale
And stars begin to fade.
When drops of dew
Wake every sleeping flower,
And songbirds tribute
To the day is made.

She does not come
When noon in all its glory,
Is sometimes dazzled
By the ardent light.
And drowsy mayflies
Settle on the water,
To cool their wings
From vacillating flight.

But once the weary
Day embraces slumber,
The world is bathed
In blue seductive light.
She'll gently fold her
Eager wings around me,
Oh how my love
Comes softly with the night.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert 2011.

Friday, 15 July 2011

All that Rhymes

The brand new Facebook poetry group page,, "All That Rhymes Poetry" is now live. Join us to share your poetry, promote your poetry book, blog or web page. Post your favorite poems or just enjoy and comment on the poetry posted there. You will be very welcome.    Alan.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Dr Seuss's Lullaby

A singing swan floats on the breeze
Above the coloured woolly trees,
The Bar-ba-loots reach fruit with ease
Let Once-ler take his last reprise.
As humming fish go swimming by
In Dr Seuss's lullaby.

Life that's sweeter that your dreams
Will show that you’re in love it seems,
While Horton wonders winding streams
Through myriads of magic schemes.
Please never question "How" or "Why"
In Dr Seuss's lullaby.

Escaping boundaries you may see
Beyond bland worlds of "Ought to be",
Where truth is dream and fantasy
And caged imaginations free
Enchantment of the inner eye
In Dr Seuss’s lullaby.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert. 2011.

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