Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Stella was the petal from a Rose
A leaf of beauty fallen from the bloom,
Who, carried on the wings of broken dreams
Would share her tears and kisses with the moon.

She lived among remains of withered hearts
Her eyes were cursed from watching their decay,
She stole away in clammy, fevered dreams
To cleanse the vile corruption of the day.

Such visions will infect a troubled soul
No human spirit can itself sustain,
Yet she was christened child of a star
Whose distant orbit was in flux again.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011
From, “The Echo of Heartbeats”

Picture, Sad Girl by  TINITUSS at deviantART.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Loves Senses 2.

Loves pastel hues
Pervade my mind,
A solace found to ease
Those lonely hours.
When dreams deny
Clear images of you,
Hard winter nights are soft
With summer flowers.

Loves gentle touch
Like starlight falls,
Unceasingly throughout
The stillest night.
Each light caress
Enchants the heart,
A joyful charm
To herald reasons flight.

Loves sounds
Are fading echoes,
Half memories of words
That sought to tell.
Of feelings born
In those enchanted hours,
Our secret bliss
Wherein love cast its spell.

Loves taste
Is sweet and bitter,
Each to the other
In its turn must yield.
When sweet reunions
Fleeting time is over,
Then partings bitter flavour
Is once again revealed. 

Copyright ©Alan Gilbert 2011.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chase Me

Chase me with the winds that cross the seas
Seek me in the breeze that stirs the trees,
Fly with me in thermals that ascend
Find me in the stars that never end.

Run with me through sands where seabirds fly
Walk with me where mountains touch the sky,
Stroll with me through meadows lush and green
Dance with me where moonlight paints the scene.

Come to me when eyes are closed in sleep
Stay with me, our midnight vigil keep,
Turn to me and hold your body near
Speak to me sweet words I long to hear.

Join with me in love that’s always new
Sing the song we chose for me and you,
Move with me when passions overflow
Whisper all those secrets that we know.

Copyright ©Alan Gilbert. 2010.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


We lay down for dancing
On warm summer evenings,
While music is playing
The day ebbs away.
It begins in slow tempo
Our passionate love songs,
Then strings in concerto
Will lead us astray.

Now stars are ascending
The rhythm is gentle,
Caressing adagio
Symphonic in time.
Our moonlight sonata
Allegro crescendo,
Now lost in the beat
Of finale sublime.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Irrefutable immutable
Prurient and beautiful,
Inventively insatiable
Unique and irreplaceable.
Sexually teasing
Seminally pleasing,
Amazingly delicious
Tantalizingly capricious.
Sensually alluring
Energetically enduring,
Delightfully demure
Thankfully impure.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2010.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Don’t think me Gone

I am not gone
Please never think me so,
The world must turn
Tides ebb, and spirits grow.
Our souls evolve
As everything must do,
Though bodies fade
My essence stays with you.

It's nature’s way
That everything must change,
All bodies grow
Then fall to rearrange.
But nothings lost
Just takes a different form,
Our souls remain
Complete as when we're born.

Some summer days
You'll feel me close at hand,
The softest breeze
That whispers in the sand.
A gentle touch
Much lighter than a kiss,
And you may know
That life is more than this.

So talk to me
And wait for my reply,
For every soul
Was given wings to fly.
And I will answer
Everything you say,
I won't forsake you
For a single day.

From, “The Echo of Heartbeats.”
Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Sometimes at dead of night she calls
Echoing down corridors of dreams,
Lost at the crossroad in another land
Tumbling in confusion.

Her plaintive crying sinks in my soul
Heartbreaking sorrow and despair,
Swirling all the colours of her mind
Into distorted rainbows.

Her captive spirit longs to be set free
Its melancholy tears are pools of doubt,
Enchanted by a spell cast long ago
On some far horizon.

Each time I hear her call my spirit aches
To free itself, to fly its earthbound shell,
So with a touch to soothe the pain within
And watch her fly.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Dawns crimson fingers
Stain the eastern sky,
A bloody sun shoots
Purple clouds with fire.
The chiselled edge
Of nimbus mountain peaks,
Loom ominous above
Ash blackened spire.

The clingy humid air
Of summer days,
Hangs heavy on
The torpid world below,
No bird song echoes
In the tinder wood,
And lazy pike doze
Where the rushes grow.

Sweat soaked locals
Cower in public bars,
Stout grumpy shoppers
Crowd the freezer isle.
The whinging children
Bother fretting mums,
One soul exhausted
Breathes a dying smile.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

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