Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chase Me

Chase me with the winds that cross the seas
Seek me in the breeze that stirs the trees,
Fly with me in thermals that ascend
Find me in the stars that never end.

Run with me through sands where seabirds fly
Walk with me where mountains touch the sky,
Stroll with me through meadows lush and green
Dance with me where moonlight paints the scene.

Come to me when eyes are closed in sleep
Stay with me, our midnight vigil keep,
Turn to me and hold your body near
Speak to me sweet words I long to hear.

Join with me in love that’s always new
Sing the song we chose for me and you,
Move with me when passions overflow
Whisper all those secrets that we know.

Copyright ©Alan Gilbert. 2010.

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