Wednesday, 23 May 2012


This crisply muted
Calm Sahara night,
Belies the advent 
Of the furnace sun.
Amid our bivouac 
Of coloured beits
We stir from dreams 
To sweet oasis dates.

Our caravan decamps
To race the dawn,
On ancient trading routes 
Towards the sea.
By Adrar, Timimoun 
Proud In Salah,
Hence we shall follow
Our nomadic star.

You wear an abaya
Of damask black,
Your mouth is veiled
In lattice woven silk.
Your beauty glows
Lit by the purple sky,
Now overwhelmed:
I turn from you and cry.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2012.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Way Beyond Words

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Title: Way Beyond Words. (Poetry on reflection)
Author: Alan Gilbert.
Published by iUniverse. 
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Alert the watch all hands all hands on deck
Aloft and set the storm sails, make them fast,
Then rig the ratlines tight from stem to stern
The seas are up we're heading for a blast.

Unfast the boats and toss them to the storm
The dervish wind will crush them into splints,
Then lash the forty cannon to the deck
No man will rest so each surpass their stints.

You surgeon's boys now to your station go
Make keen each edge and mark your master well,
If God has grace to gift to you the dawn
You will no longer fear the wrath of hell.

There is no time to pray no place for fear
No tine to ponder on the hours ahead,
Now everyman must make his peace alone
I fear that fate has marked us living dead.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

√Član Vitai

So pervades the heart
That never could grow old,
A sanguine stream on fire
Unquenchable amour
Unwilling to withhold.

How the spirit flows
Impervious through time,
Insatiable desire
Restless in restraint
Yet quietly sublime.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2012.

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