Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shooting Star

Did you ever see a shooting star
Falling through a winter night,
And wonder why it came so far
To lend the earth a little light.

Did you ever see the Eagles fly
Above a rocky mountain peak,
And wonder why they soar so high
When plains have easy prey to seek.

Did you ever see the dolphin leap
Across the waves in silver spray,
And wonder why they didn't keep
To swimming calmly all the day.

The shooting star is just as bright
As suns within the cosmic plan.
And eagles glide on thermals high
Not as they must but as they can.
Dolphins jump across the swell
Because they love the silver spray.
And cynics miss the best in life 
By not embracing every day.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert 2011.


  1. Just love it. Fantastic poem

    1. Thank you marja for visiting my blog and for your comment.. I am very pleased you liked the poem, Alan.


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