Monday, 8 August 2011

Would You?

Would you stand before God
With your sword unsheathed
And spit in the eye of the storm.
Would you fight to the death
For the things you believed
Forgetting your body was torn.
Would you fly to the stars
Riding Arian's spear,
Pushing the boundaries
Of natural fear.
Risking damnation
For dreams you hold dear.
Would you?

Would you ride into hell
On the Sleipnir steed
And call for the devil to dance.
Would you stand all alone
Gainst the wrath of the world
Certain they hadn't a chance.
Would you get up and shout
For how it should be,
That all of the world
Could be fed and be free.
Cursing our leaders
Damn hypocrisy.
Would you?

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.
From, “The Echo of Heartbeats” . 

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