Monday, 28 November 2011

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Don't Upset the Birds

Mrs Wintridge wore a beret
waddling along the street,
tatty coat with missing buttons
ragged slippers on her feet.

In her garden was a fountain
where the birds would come to play,
Mrs Wintridge didn’t like it
screamed at them to go away.

Then she fell into the water
all the birdies gathered round,
saw her splash and cough and splutter
chirped while Mrs Wintridge drowned.

Fathered friends are bathing daily
drinking water as they will,
in that fountain in the garden
where a berets floating still.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

 Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


We are the poets

The scribers in verse,
To some we're a blessing 
For others a curse.
Our life's a mosaic 
Of meter and rhyme,

We fall to depression

And rise to sublime. 

Once it was said  
We are slaves to a muse, 

Who love us or leave us 

We are here to abuse.

One minute earthbound

Then soar to the stars, 

We either have naught

Or the planet is ours. 

If I should be starving 

In some distant land,

A slum garret in Cairo

Or a squat in the strand
Don't come to bail me

It's painful but then,

If I free fall to hell

It's all grist to my pen.  

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

They Did

And did they cry to that all knowing God
When gas and shrapnel filled the fĂȘted air?
They trampled broken bodies in the sod
And all the world was sickened with despair.

And did they prey in shelters underground
While all around the shattered city fell?
They dug for hours for children never found
And wondered at their sin to earn such hell. 

And did they bow before mysterious ways
While suffocating in that poison shower?
They fell like weeds most innocent of days
But knew no chosen mercy in those hours. 

And did they sing in thanks that all was done
While dancing on the terror stricken earth?
Their promise was, the prize of peace was won,
Today our dead bear witness to its worth.  

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Honeysuckle Wild

Weaving softly through my dreams
As gentle as a murmured prayer,
While I the wide eyed sleeper feel 
Her essence in me everywhere.
There is no shallow in her eyes
No lineament to less extol, 
She moves enticing lips to mine 
And breathes her music to my soul. 

Too soon the jealous Eos spreads
Her fingers to reclaim her throne,
And with the scarlet blushing dawn
The dreams recede I cannot own. 
Though I inhale her autograph
Left ne by this natures child,     
The sweet perfume of ardent love 
Bouquet of honeysuckle wild.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert. 

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