Friday, 24 June 2011

Loves Senses 2.

Loves pastel hues
Pervade my mind,
A solace found to ease
Those lonely hours.
When dreams deny
Clear images of you,
Hard winter nights are soft
With summer flowers.

Loves gentle touch
Like starlight falls,
Unceasingly throughout
The stillest night.
Each light caress
Enchants the heart,
A joyful charm
To herald reasons flight.

Loves sounds
Are fading echoes,
Half memories of words
That sought to tell.
Of feelings born
In those enchanted hours,
Our secret bliss
Wherein love cast its spell.

Loves taste
Is sweet and bitter,
Each to the other
In its turn must yield.
When sweet reunions
Fleeting time is over,
Then partings bitter flavour
Is once again revealed. 

Copyright ©Alan Gilbert 2011.

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