Friday, 1 July 2011

Dr Seuss's Lullaby

A singing swan floats on the breeze
Above the coloured woolly trees,
The Bar-ba-loots reach fruit with ease
Let Once-ler take his last reprise.
As humming fish go swimming by
In Dr Seuss's lullaby.

Life that's sweeter that your dreams
Will show that you’re in love it seems,
While Horton wonders winding streams
Through myriads of magic schemes.
Please never question "How" or "Why"
In Dr Seuss's lullaby.

Escaping boundaries you may see
Beyond bland worlds of "Ought to be",
Where truth is dream and fantasy
And caged imaginations free
Enchantment of the inner eye
In Dr Seuss’s lullaby.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert. 2011.

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