Thursday, 2 December 2010

Make me a Butterfly

Make me a butterfly with gossamer wings
Most perfect in form among all living things,
Id fly round your garden in wind and in rain
Hoping that one day youd love me again.

Make me a butterfly, whiter than snow
And I would fly near you wherever you go,
Perhaps all my dancing would please, and thered be
Just one word of kindness from your lips for me. . 

Make me a butterfly as blue as the sky
Id fly round the world with a tear in my eye,
And when people asked you why Im so blue
Youd have to reply its because I love you.

Make me a butterfly yellow as sand
Id fly to your table a sit on your hand,
Perhaps you would kiss me, and then you would see
That you could be happy with someone like me.

Make me a Butterfly, red as the blood
That surges through veins of all creatures in love,
Is the fate of all butterflies of every hue
To fall for a heart breaking mayfly like you? 

ÓAlan Gilbert.  2009.

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