Thursday, 2 December 2010

Me and you and Kerrie Ann

We sailed out on that summer’s day
Just me you and Kerrie Ann,
Out to the islands in the bay
To where we knew the dolphins ran.

And as the wind blew from the west
For me and you and Kerrie Ann,
It gave each wave a silver crest
And billowed sails with natures fan.

We stopped and anchored out at sea
Did me and you and Kerrie Ann,
The day was peaceful as could be
Most tranquil backdrop for our plan.

But as we watched the dolphins play
For me and you and Kerrie Ann,
We never saw the sky turn grey
Or noticed how those currents ran.

You never made the slightest sound
Just slipped from me and Kerrie Ann,
And now you never will be found
Out in the bay where dolphins ran.

Now every summer’s day I sit
Down by the quay with Kerrie Ann,
Though all her timbers rot and pit
And all her sails are torn and wan.

Copyright  Alan Gilbert 2010.

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