Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Terror of Garsdoon Moor.

They went out on the moor alright
The sky was clear the stars were bright,
The cart track shone like ribbons white
That ziged and zaged into the night.
Across the Garsdoon moor.

Good progress they did make alright
She, dressed in wedding gown of white,
Who held the carriage side so tight
That lurched and rattled through the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

He was young and brave alright
With gun and sabre for the fight,
To guard his love, his hearts delight
From highwaymen that stalk the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

But now the scene will change alright
Thunder roars with lightning bright,
Strange sounds are heard from left and right
Tormented souls that own the night
Across the Garsdoon moor.

The young groom is afraid alright
He holds his gun and sabre tight,
The bride like gown is palest white
As wails and moans are at their height,
Across the Garsdoon moor.

Now dawn it will arrive alright
And they will search the moor till night,
Of coach and riders there’s no sight
Back home lock doors and windows tight.
Across the haunted Garsdoon moor.

The local folks they know alright
That ghouls and spectors walk the night,
Transporting souls to hell for spite
Tormenting them for their delight.
On fearful Garsdoon moor.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2010.
From my book, Love is a Dreamer. 

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