Sunday, 18 December 2011

I am a Knight

I am a knight valiente
An armoured cavalier 
Who’s Chivalrous in combat
Oblivious to fear.
I ride upon a warhorse
None mightier was seen,
Prepared to fight a thousand
For the honour of  my queen.

I am a lowly minstrel boy
No land  or title mine,
I play the melodies I write
For bread and watered wine.
But I will walk the darkest paths 
Dare swamp and shifting sand 
To entertain the courtiers
And win my ladies hand. 

I am a graceless gypsy lad 
Who’s far beyond the law  
I live by wits and thievery  
Am vilified  by all.
The ladies in the market town 
Who shun me every day 
Burn candles in the casement 
When their masters are away.   

 Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

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