Friday, 23 September 2011

The Silence was Bliss

Tami and Jason were born to be lovers
Met in the park in games with the others,
When he first saw her smile
Their story began
That night in his bedroom
The images ran.
All heat and confusion
No sense to all this.
His thoughts were exciting
The silence was bliss.

As Tami saw him her heart started falling
Romantic by mature her future was calling,
As she wrote in her diary
Alone in her room,
She drew at the bottom
A bride with a groom.
Then she drifted to sleep
Still thinking of this,
Her dreams were of loving
The silence was bliss.

Love is a flower that grows in the sun
One Friday in May the two became one,
They spent time by the ocean
Their first time away,
To the rhythm of breakers
Two bodies at play.
When sleep came upon them
In one final kiss,
As night closed around them
The silence was bliss.

Now in the rooms they rented from others
Furniture given by fathers and mothers.
The world closes upon them
Soon making demands
There is industry round them
But none wanting hands.
Stung by every refusal
He would rage about this,
When he slept from the drinking
The silence was bliss.

Daily his anger would reach a new height
Looking for reasons to argue or fight,
When he lashed out and hit her
She was scared for her life,
With his hands at her throat
She struck with a knife.
Though she'd acted from terror
Had never meant this,
There was blood on her hands
But the silence was bliss.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

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