Friday, 20 May 2011

Emily, (A childhood in six short verses.)

Have you seen Emily today?
Laughing as she ran to play,
Her hair tied up with ribbons gay
There’s dolls and teddies on display
With Emily today.

Have you seen Emily today?
She’s quite the tomboy now they say,
Climbs trees and chases boys away
With dares she’s just as brave as they
Is Emily today?

Have you seen Emily today?
She’s found another game to play,
With mouse and visual display
Mails Face book friends about Ebay
Does Emily today.

Have you seen Emily today?
Now growing up the neighbors say,
The world is calling her away
From childhood days that cannot stay
With Emily today.

Have you seen Emily today?
All dressed up and on her way,
To catch a show or see a play
All heads are turned as if to say,
That’s Emily today.

I’ve not seen Emily today
The house seems sad she’s gone away,
To marry in the U.S.A.
New home and friends in Tampa Bay
No Emily today.

Copyright© Alan Gilbert 2011.

This poem is from my book, “All that Rhymes with Love.” Emily is the, “Emy” my granddaughter in the book dedication, who inspired me to start writing again after years of inactivity.


  1. Great poem Alan....Our children and grandchildren can be a wonderful inspiration to us in our writing.

  2. Very true Dolores they say and do the most amazing things at times.


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