Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Arrogance of Man

A myriad of stars looked down
And smiled upon the world that night,
For somewhere in the cosmic plan
The spirit knew the time was right.
In an instant on the smouldering earth
Where molten rock and fires ran,
A lightning bolt had struck the swamp
And with that fusion life began.

Through thousands of millennia
Too many for our minds to know,
The issue of that lightning strike
Began to change, reform and grow.
How many differing forms it took
We probably shall never know,
By far the most would fail and die
By far the least would thrive and grow.

From swamp to pond to lake to sea,
From marsh to land to tree to sky,
But one form had become estranged
From nature as the time went by.
And now it strides across the earth
Corrupts and kills because it can,
But seldom stops to contemplate
This fatal arrogance of man.

Copyright © Alan Gilbert 2010.
From my book, “Love is a Dreamer.”

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